Tutor: Jane Scott

This year the opera sessions will focus on performing scenes from Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. There are parts for soloists of varying standards and, for those who prefer not to sing solo, the choruses allow for the participation of singers with differing levels of skill. Figaro provides the chance to work on the standard conventions of classical comic opera: recitative, aria and chorus, with ample scope to develop skills in ensemble singing.

The objectives of the course are to develop performance techniques, gain some knowledge and understanding of Mozart’s operatic style, present an entertaining production at the end of the week and laugh as much during rehearsals as we have in previous years.

Upon enrolment students will be sent copies so that they can familiarise themselves with the music in advance (the tutor is happy to provide support with this before the start of the School) and be ready to work on staging the opera on arrival at Summer School.