Modern Jazz

Tutor: Julie Collins

The course aims to help beginning and intermediate students develop their proficiency in improvisation and performance of jazz by examining & playing music from the broad range covered by the term 'Jazz'.

Although the majority of the time will be spent playing, some technical exercises, practice routines and a basic level of jazz theory will discussed in order to help students to deal with chords and harmony. We will also listen to some recorded jazz repertoire to try to examine various stylistic approaches.

The course is suitable for pianists, bass, guitar, wind and string players.

Participants should be able to play in keys up to four sharps or flats and be able to read music. Bassists need to be able to play a simple bass line from chord symbols and also read a notated bass line. There is also an opportunity for a drummer to take part who would need to be able to play basic swing and latin rhythms (no notated drum parts are provided).

During the week there will be opportunities for informal performances in which students can improvise with backing tracks or rhythm section and at the end of the week there will be a short performance in a more formal setting.