Folk Singing

Tutor: Phil Hargreaves

We have two sessions per day, plus two notable landmarks: 'Folk in the Bar' on Sunday night, and a slot in the Wednesday night concert, both of which we will need to work up material for.

I'm proposing to start each day with 20-30 minutes of listening to recordings, some of which I would like you to provide, so your first bit of homework is to think of a folk recording you would like to share with the group. I will provide a sound system capable of playing CD's/soundfiles, or plugging in your phone.

The rest of that session will be devoted to working on things as units from within the course numbers, with a view to working up numbers for the Wednesday Concert. I would like to include at least one group song with massed harmonies a la Watersons. I'll research some suitable candidates for concert items over the next fortnight, but I am, as ever, open to suggestions as well.

Our second session will be in a 'Singaround' format, so please have prepared several numbers that you feel show you in a good light. It's possible that you could use the first session to prepare things for the second, so if you had a song or a tune that you felt needed some accompaniment, we could use that time to work up an arrangement for it, for instance. Also, this format is entirely flexible, and if something interesting came up in the course of the week, we would be at liberty to pursue that as well.