Extra Activities

As well as the courses listed, you will have a chance to take part in extra activities in an early morning session. The details are given below.


Ceilidh Band (Keith Parkins)

The repertoire of Ceilidh music that we shall use is predominantly dance music and includes hornpipes, reels, jigs, double jigs, slip jigs, hops, polkas, waltzes etc. It originates mainly from Scotland and Ireland but includes other European and American pieces. The music is written in concert pitch and is suitable for a wide variety of instruments.

Each day there will be practice sessions at 9am available for musicians to prepare for Ceilidh performances which can form part of the social activities that take place in the evenings. These sessions are suitable for musicians having all levels of experience of playing Ceilidh music. They are also an ideal introduction for those who are playing Ceilidh music for the first time. Some participants may want to join the practice sessions but not perform at the Ceilidhs. Also, it is not essential that participants attend all the practice sessions; particularly if it is necessary for them to start to devote more time to rehearsals for other courses as the week progresses.

Prior knowledge of Ceilidh music is not required as both music and advice will be available. It is intended that all students who want to perform in the Ceilidhs will be able to.


Ukulele Band (Rob Harper)

This session is for those new to the ukelele or those already in a club who want to improve their playing.

The aim is to play the instrument correctly rather than a 'thrash' as it's described in some uke groups. We will concentrate on holding the instrument properly, the correct way to strike the strings and the basic chords of C major, F major and G7 - moving to other chords as progress allows.

It will run as a 'collective' ensuring that no one is left behind.

You will need to bring a pencil and a notebook and a desire to play what is a much underrated instrument. You will need to bring a uke. If you don't have one, I will certainly have one spare instrument maybe 2 or even 3. The instruments will be tuned G C E A. Rob Harper.


Yoga (Anna Robottom)

Get your day off to a positive start with our yoga sessions led by our own yoga teacher, Anna Robottom. Anna is trained in Sun Power Yoga, which is a blend of four traditional styles of yoga, and also specialises in teaching Yoga for Anxiety. She firmly believes that yoga is for all bodies, and all levels of experience.

There is no expectation on you to join every session, just come to as many as you feel able. The classes are designed to compliment the rest of your week, with common areas of focus including breathing techniques to help with both performance nerves and breath control, and physical practices to help release tight shoulders and hips. There is always at least one restorative session for if those late nights and busy days start to have an impact on how you feel!

If you have a mat then do bring it along, but we have several available for those who don't, and all props are supplied. Just wear some comfy clothes and an open mind.