Accommodation and Facilities

Here you'll find all the information about the different accommodation that is available at the WMA Summer School of Music, the tariff of costs and how to book. Click above for: Accommodation (including map and directions); What to bring; How to apply.

Resident or day student?

Most of our students stay as residents, either at Ingestre Hall itself, or one of the adjacent Lodges. Some students prefer to make their own accommodation arrangements offsite, or they live close enough to travel to Ingestre Hall each day. Day students pay less, and they join the others for lunch and the evening meal and refreshments, but not breakfast.

Camping facilities

Students are welcome to bring their own tents or camper vans onto the Ingestre grounds and use all of the facilities onsite. Campers are entitled to all meals and refreshments.

To share or not to share?

Ingestre Hall and Lodges offer a small number of single rooms, with or without ensuite facilities. It is cheaper if you share, and we will try to accommodate you with people who you know, if possible, and with those who are either ‘Early Birds’ or ‘Night Owls’.

Food and drink

Your fee includes all meals (unless you are a day student) and facilities to make hot drinks: teabags, instant coffee, semi-skimmed milk and sugar. You are welcome to bring your own filter coffee (machines are available), decaf, fruit or herb teas, non-dairy milks, etc. You may also bring appliances to make juices and smoothies – please note this on your application form.

Ingestre Hall provides breakfast, lunch and an evening meal each day, apart from the first Saturday (evening meal only) and the last Saturday (breakfast only) of the week.

You are welcome to bring your own fruit and snacks for yourself or to share. There is a kitchen including a small fridge: if you need to keep items in the fridge, please label them.

Ingestre Hall can cater for your dietary requirements. Please ensure you complete this section of the application form.

Evening Bar

The WMA Summer School runs its own bar every evening, staffed by volunteers, where you can purchase beer, wine, cider, spirits and soft drinks at reasonable prices. Any money raised goes towards keeping our costs down.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks. We will not serve anyone who looks under 21 with alcoholic beverages unless they can provide proof that they are aged 18 or over.