The Summer School of Music 2020 15th - 22nd August more details to follow

Ingestre Hall

Founded by members of the Workers’ Music Association (WMA), and inspired by its ideals and principles, the Summer School brings together musicians and music lovers from all walks of life and all levels of achievement, to share and develop their musical interests and to discover and learn new ones.

Everyone’s contribution is valued and every form of good live music is celebrated.

The School offers a full and varied range of courses and students are free to choose as many sessions as the timetable will allow for, making their week as intensive or as relaxed as they wish. In addition to the daytime course sessions there is a busy programme of evening activities and social events. There are ample opportunities for solo and ensemble performance, both in the evening concerts and more informally during breaks.

Many students say that it’s at the Summer School that they first find the confidence and encouragement to perform before an audience; however, no pressure is exerted to persuade anyone to sing or play as a soloist if they prefer the reassurance of staying within the group. Enthusiasts for musical genres not included in the formal curriculum will often form groups and practise together, usually after breakfast before the start of the official timetable. Some highly successful examples of these extra-curricular groups have included recorders, ceilidh band, harmonicas, klezmer music and the performance of pieces written by students in the Composition Course.

Aside from the musical experience, many students enjoy the morning yoga sessions led by Anna, our qualified yoga teacher.

The Threepenny Opera 2017

The Main Staircase